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The process that are being automated most often include industry-specific activities, such as loan application processing in banking, claims processing in insurance, contact center process inside the front-office, and finance and accounting within the back-office.

The uses cases of RPA technology vendors:

i. Claims processing.
ii. Policy servicing and reporting.
iii. Card activation.
iv. Fraud claims discovery.

Contact centers.
i. Customer Data Management.
ii. Contact processing.

Finance and Accounting.
i. GL and reporting.
ii. AR and Cash Management.
iii. AP and expense reporting.

Human Resource.
i. New joiners and leavers.
ii. Payroll variation checking.

i. uipath tutorial . PO processing.
iii. Inventory management.



They have been many good use cases of RPA and the way it enabled enterprises to handle recurring process issues and streamlining them.
Which are generally used use cases in UiPath?
In their quest for digital transformation, banking organizations and also other financial institutions have established themselves because the early adopters of smart technologies.


UiPath works well for banking companies differentiate. It executes process productivity and decreases costs while assuring regulative compliance and longer analytical insight. Implementation with UiPath is quicker and competitively minute expensive than IT automation schemes. The greatest part: it creates triple-digit ROI’s in the first year of performances.

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